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Last updated: 17 Jan 2010 (Scripts)

The following software was written on / ported to an A5000 with RISC OS 3.11 and some of the newer stuff on a StrongARM RiscPC with RISC OS 3.7. Most of it is unlikely to work on RISC OS 2. All software is provided in ZIP archives; you can uncompress them using SparkPlug / SparkFS, to name but two examples.

Since there is little room for this homepage the following programs are usually not kept locally any more but refer to the Stuttgart FTP server (apart from some exceptions, probably). Please inform me if any links to that server have changed so you can't access them anymore.

Software I wrote:



Source code for relocatable modules I wrote:

Since it's highly unlikely I'll continue developing much for RISC OS, I decided to release the source code to some of my relocatable modules under the GPL on 15 Jan 2006. All modules are written in BBC BASIC's inline assembler and require my library stdlib containing standard definitions and functions. Copy the library into your BASIC library path (so it will be found by the LIBRARY command) before attempting to build any of the modules. Please note that most sources attempt to write their output to a file matching my harddisk's layout, so you'll probably have to adapt this file to your harddisk to actually get any useful output (search the sources for OS_File statements to find the line in question). Generally speaking, I didn't change much prior to the GPL release but basically changed the licensing text and made sure the output files are built correctly (and functioning).

Since modules aren't linked into programs but, being OS-extensions, are called via SWIs, my understanding of the GPL at this point is that the resulting modules can be used by anyone, but use of the source code itself is restricted by the GPL. This is what I intended with this licensing scheme, but in case I misinterpreted anything, I'd appreciate hearing about it rather sooner than later. In case there are C headers and assembler stubs provided, these are licensed under LGPL and can therefore be used in all kinds of projects.

Right, that's that; hopefully some of these will be useful to other developers and be improved one way or another. I'd appreciate being informed about updates to any of these modules, BTW.

Software I ported:



Note: the actual porting work for these libraries was usually done by other people, most of them were straightforward compile jobs, often to make them work with GCC rather than Norcroft. I did fiddle around somewhat with the TIFFlib code, however, and removed the OSLib dependencies from the Acorn driver. I hope these ready-to-use libraries consisting of headers and ALF library (and in some cases some elementary executables) will help people getting things done. Neither archive contains the full distributions as these are readily available on the net, so if you're looking for documentation, tools etc. you'll have to download that as well.

Useful Software by 3rd Parties

In this section I will present small bits of software that are useful and hard to find otherwise; I will not mirror easily accessible packages.


Everything that doesn't fit in any of the other categories...

Generic source code I wrote

Some useful scripts

General note: I'm pretty sure the following scripts work on Unix systems only, don't try them on Windows. I also assume the existence of fundamental utilities like grep or sed.
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